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Good times making connections with Japan. 

I'm was honoured to be playing for the Alberta Japan Twinned Municipalities Assoc. reception in Stony Plain this month. Their sister city in Japan is Shikaoi on the island of Hokkaido. This program was established in the mid-80s and connects Alberta and Japanese communities in an exchange of ideas, culture and understanding.The Japanese delegates were such lovely people who appreciated my music. They danced, they sang and we graciously exchanged a few gifts. I sent them away with a couple of CD/EP gift bags I'd made out of vintage handkerchiefs and I got some chocolate, a cute tiny teddy bear and a twin city municipality pin. 

The Suitcase Show packed with good times  

The Carrot Community Arthouse Cafe was full of smiling faces and tapping toes this past Friday as I tested out my new concert concept 'The Suitcase Show'. Pleased to say it went fabulously! The audience had a wonderful time and comments were bursting with positive comments. I'm so pleased and can't wait to do it again. Thanks to everyone who came out, The Carrot volunteers and those helpful souls who assisted in ironing out some of the tech bumps (pretty minor). Also thanks to Shaw TV (Yah Jen!) who came out to do some filming for a musician profile their putting together on yours truly. Let's just say I'm feeling pretty good at this moment. The lovely Kelsey captured these shots of the show.

Great to be back on the BRR Train! 

Three years ago me and Kevin were asked to perform for the inaugural run and celebrations of the new Battle River Railway Passenger Train based in Forestburg, AB. We had a wonderful time so we were pleased as punch to be asked back for one of their themed tours, The Historical Heilser Hotel Run. The train cabin was decked in blue gingham and yellow flowers making the perfect back drop for our collection of train songs. We started our trip in Camrose and worked our way to Heisler where we quickly set up our sound system at the Hotel.  There we proceeded to entertain the folks with originals and a few country classics over a buffet dinner of steak and shrimp. Everyone was in great spirits and enjoyed they day fully, including us. There's nothing like singing and playing on a train when it's working its way down the tracks. The space is alive with movement and you just have go with the flow. Especially when the train whistle announces its presence at every road crossing.

Rockin' the red shoes at Winterfest! 

It was a year ago The Good Find and myself were to play at the Uptown Folk Club's WINTERFEST when an unfortunate trip down the stairs on performance day had me end up in emergency with a broken clavicle. Now all healed up the festival asked us back to give it another college try. The Good Find (Kelly, Kevin & Thom) and I took to the stage on the Saturday afternoon with our instruments and suitcases to take the audience on a vintage vibe trip suited for the Valentine's Day weekend. The festival's finale had me performing my a cappella blues tune 'Palpitating Blues'. Using two suitcases stacked on top of each other I beat an accompanying rhythm with my red shoes on the sides and top of one of them to the delight of the audience. The suitace fun continued into WiNTERFEST's final song when I passed out its contents of hair brushes, eyeglass cases and mint boxes to the other artists to use as hand percussion. As they explored the possiblities of these items we all sang and played together. It was a jolly good time!

Music Video and live footage soon to come! 

I'm revamping my website for some new footage soon to be added. The very talented Mike Siek has been working with me over the past year video taping to gather footage for our new music video for 'Take a Trip'. It's looking fabulous and I can't wait to show it off.  It really captures the spirit of what my music is all about. 

I'll also have some live footage captured from our Alberta Showcase presentation last fall at the Shell Theatre. 

Showing my legs at SkirtsAFire's A-Line 

I've just been added to the line up for the A Line Variety Show at the SkirtsAFire herArts Festival in Edmonton. I did this show 3 years ago in their first year getting this fabulous festival off the ground. Such great talent and great fun will be happening on March 10th and for the duration of the fest. Time to shwish those skirts! 

"And it Snowed" play wins first prize  

Very excited to hear the Nebraska High School that my song 'Blinding Snow' was featured in took first prize at a High School Conference Competition against seven other schools! The song I wrote is inspired by the real life experience of 'Lois Royce' during the Children's Blizzard of 1888. The young woman who played the role of Lois in the play won the top honours for Outstanding Female Performer in the entire competition. Congratulations to the cast, crew and playwrite/teacher Julie for doing such an amazing job!! I'm honoured that my music became the sound track to their creative journey.

Blinding Snowing to be in play 

I was at Sound Extractor studio yesterday with my ukulele and voice to record my chilling song Blinding Snow.  A true story about a teacher and her students during the Children's Blizzard of 1888 it explores the ghosts we may carry from our past through a tragic event.  This song is also being used as the music score for a new play being written for a Nebraska high school about this tragic event that happened in their community. The playright is their teacher (Julie) and it's been a treat to collaborate with her on this project. Go to Music Store to download the song Blinding Snow.

Alberta Showcase here we come! 

Been busy getting everything together for our performer trade show this coming weekeind in Fort Saskatchewan. Had rehearsal with the Good Find making sure we fit into our 15 minute time slot. Going to be busy and a chance to meet presenters from all over Alberta and across the borders. Hope to get some tours going next year and the following.