SkirtsAFire Festival: The Blue Hour play, plus Beth Portman pre-show & intermission

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Westbury Theatre, Fring theatre Adventures ATB Financial Arts Barns, 10310 83 Ave NW, Edmonton, Ab

Beth will be playing in the Westbury Lobby at all performances of “The Blue Hour” by Michele Vance Hehir. Click on tickets below to visit the SkirtsAFire website for showtimes and admission prices.

About the Play

The Blue Hour by Michele Vance Hehir is a timely, funny, complicated and ultimately heartbreaking story that takes place in the fictional small town of Roseglen, Alberta, circa 1947/48. The story centres around a young boy fighting for his own survival, that of his overworked single mother and of his older sister who’s aching to escape her confined world. The Blue Hour explores the desire for love, its betrayal and the enduring realization that hope matters.

“The Blue Hour” won the Alberta Playwriting competition in 2017 and was one of the chosen plays in SkirtsAfire’s play development series “Peep Show” in 2018.