POSTMARK, The suitcase musings of a vintage songstress is a cartoon created by singer songwriter Beth Portman. It explores the joys and frustrations of finding your own artistic path both musically and visually.

Beth Portman was trained as a classical animator and created two animated short films 'Cactus Swing' and 'Fair Phyllis' with the National Film Board of Canada.  Beth is also a singer songwriter inspired by the music of the early to mid 20th century. 

Thoughts on POSTMARK #012 by Beth
I love Halloween! Not the ghoulish stuff but the opportunity to dress up in what ever you want to. One year I went as a 1950's house wife with a plate of chocolate cookies. Another year I wore a bowler hat and went as a 1910's Charlie Chaplin' silent movie actor dressed in monochromatic colours. I've always been interested historical clothing and even tinkered with the idea of becoming a theatre costume designer in my teens.

Thoughts on POSTMARK #011 by Beth
Music is a powerful connector and communicator. I can't tell you how grateful I am that music plays a part in my life. I have made so many good friends through sharing music whether as a musician or music enthusiast. With it's cornucopia of melodies, rhythms and styles I would add music to the Thanksgiving table as way of bringing people together. 

Thoughts about #010 by Beth
This cartoon turned out to be the most colourful of the POSTMARK series so far. With the trees outside my window turning rich oranges, reds and yellows I wanted to say something about this time of year. I love the sound of the crunch of brittle leaves under my feet but dislike the honks of Canadian Geese flying overhead announcing the change of seasons. "Nooooo, not yet!" I call to them as they pass over my house in their V formations on route south. However,  I'm already finding stores filling their corners and aisles with Christmas displays. On this 4th day of autumn it just seems wrong.

Thoughts about POSTMARK #009 by Beth
Being a singer songwriter who pulls inspiration from a variety of music styles has its challenges.  I realize having one clear cut genre makes things a lot easier, especially when filling out an artist description form, pitching to a potential presenter or audience member.  After years of trying different genre descriptions I've relaxed into using the simple 'vintage vibe'. It's not on one of those form lists but when I pitch in person they feel the mood of it and become intrigued. Hopefully it draws them enough that they'll take the leap and attend one of my concerts. At that point I can let the music do the talking.

Thoughts about POSTMARK #008 by Beth
Every performer experiences 'brain drain' and for myself especially when introducing a brand new song. I am guaranteed to forget at least a few lines of lyrics the first time I perform it in front of an audience. Typically a good round of jazz like scat singing fills in the blank.