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Georgie Georgie

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Misplaced Lovin'


Georgie Georgie, what’s your lover like?
Does he stroke your cheek all thru the night?
Oh Georgie, what’s he doing to you?
Well whatever he’s got, I’m a-wantin’ it too.

Three at a table sharing deeds the day had brought.
Light-hearted chatter as I hold myself in lock.
I’m stuck in turmoil but I gotta play it cool.
Cause I’m the kind who just can’t stand to be the fool.

Georgie Georgie, what’s your lover like...

I’m not the kind to steal your man away from you.
I’d hate to think a friend would do that to me too.
But things get tricky when this dude is next to me.
I tell myself I gotta leave this fellow be.

Georgie Georgie, puddin’ and pie.
Won’t kiss that boy and make her cry.
Oh Georgie, he’s the sweetest delight
and my craving’s so strong, how about a little bite?

Does he whisper sexy sonnets in the middle of the night?
Does he make your body quiver in the morning light?
Does he cook you spaghetti that’s not out of a can?
Does he shock you to the bone when he proves he understands?

How sweet those lips, this tongue, this dream I try to shed.
It haunts my moral mind when all alone in bed.
But Georgie Georgie, how that man makes me burn.
But no man ain’t worth me breaking your heart
that’s the point I should learn.

Oh... Georgie Georgie, what’s your lover like...
well, whatever he’s got, I’m a-wantin’ it but leaving him all to you.

Music & Lyrics Copyright 2011 Beth Portman. All rights reserved.