Beth Portman is a storyteller, presenting her personal perspective on life and love through original lyrics and engaging music. Inspired by the musical styles of the early to mid-20th century, Portman's music has been described as clever, touching and sassy. 
As a solo performer, Portman builds rhythmic layers using suitcases and their contents to support her original songs, vocals, ukulele and guitar work. It's a contemporary twist on her vintage vibe sound that's creative, playful and in the moment.

Portman also performs with her band 'The Good Find'. Instrumentation ranges from an acoustic bass and guitar duo to an expanded version with a female vocalist and or drummer, who, along with Portman, incorporates percussion through suitcases, picnic baskets and mint boxes.

Based in Edmonton, Portman has performed across Alberta in an assortment of venues that include Horizon Stage, the Nickelodeon Folk Club, the Bailey Theatre, Fort Edmonton Park's Capitol Theatre as well as numerous performances for the Secret Streetcar Concerts and Battle River Railway Excursions.  

Stellar vocals, compelling songwriting and a dramatic and engaging stage presence.”

— Vic Bell, Artistic Director, Nickelodeon Music Club

Photography by Ayman Kallousa

Photography by Ayman Kallousa


VIA Rail Tour- April 11-20th -  Beth and her guitarist, Kevin Smith recently returned from their VIA Rail ' Artist On Board' trip. They performed on the Edmonton/Toronto train and had a fabulous time connecting with the passengers and sharing their music.   

Wednesdays, 7:00am-9:00am - Edmonton International Airport- Early travelers can hear Beth's vintage-vibe music just after going through security. If you don't have to dash to your gate, grab a coffee and take in a few songs.  It's part of the 'EIA Live' music program that features local musicians.