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Beth Portman is a storyteller, presenting her personal perspective on life through original lyrics and engaging music. Inspired by the musical styles of the early to mid 20th century, Portman’s music has been described as clever, touching and sassy. In addition to strumming her ukulele she creatively incorporates percussion into her performances using suitcases, beaded purses and her heeled shoes. When not performing solo or as a duo with her guitarist, she performs with her band, The Good Find and has released two recordings, Lovin’ and Take a Trip. The later recording inspired Portman to create the train themed show Take a Trip: A Musical Journey for the Capitol Theatre at Fort Edmonton Park in 2016. 

For most solo performances Portman includes her luggage 'looper' into the mix to record and build rhythmic layers using her suitcases and their contents. The added percussion enriches her original and standard songs, vocals, ukulele and guitar work. It's a contemporary twist on her vintage vibe sound that's creative, playful and in the moment. 

Portman sings with such incredible passion and heart ... puts any auto-tuned diva to shame.”

— Edmonton Sun

Beth's performance was top-notch. Highly recommended if you're looking for a nostalgic feel.”

— Brandi Watson, Theatre Manager, Horizon Stage

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