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Nocturnal Night

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Primal Lovin'


Nocturnal Night (primal lovin’)

Bugs are buzzin’ in the moonlight all around the fire that shines so bright.
Stars are sparkly and the mood is light.
Buzz buzz buzz, nocturnal night.

Owl is staring in the moonlight looking for a morsel for his appetite.
Gazing down from such a height.
Who who who, nocturnal night.

Coyote howlin’ in the moonlight calling for a mate that he’ll delight.
Sweet as water and a smell that’s right.
Aow Aow Aooooo, noctorunal night.

You and I are in the moonlight hearing all sounds that fill the night.
We take each other and snuggle tight.
Mmm mmm mmm, nocturnal night.

Two coyotes in the moonlight doing what comes natural and out of sight.
Our campfire fades but our own ignites...mmmm...
Aow Aow Aooooooooo, Aow Aow Aooooooooo,
Aoo Aoo Aooooooooo, Aow Aow Aooooo, nocturnal night.

Music & Lyrics Copyright 2011, Beth Portman. All rights reserved.